Weightbearing Exercise

With regular exercise, bones can become stronger just like our muscles do. Bone mass is at it’s peak by the age of 35, and after that, we begin to lose bone mass over time. This can be prevented with regular exercise. Exercising helps to maintain strength, balance and coordination, which helps to prevent falls and bone fractures.

Weightbearing exercise is important to build and maintain healthy bones. It’s an exercise that you do on your feet and legs that works your muscles and bones against gravity. Bones then become denser from the impact of weight and the pulling of muscles, by building more bone cells. Weightbearing exercise can decrease the risk of fractures, osteopenia, and osteoporosis.

Some examples of weightbearing exercises are:

• Weight training
• Stair climbing
• Hiking
• Walking
• Jogging
• Dancing
• Soccer
• Baseball
• Basketball
• Tennis
• Golf

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