The answer is easier then you may think to lose more weight. No it doesn’t even involve working out or one of those cardboard diets. It is simply keeping a food journal. How do they help? By recording everything that you ingest in a journal, you will get an accurate view of what you are consuming on a day by day basis and see just how many calories you are taking in each day.

An article in USA Today on July 8, 2008 told of the results of numerous research studies in which participants who kept daily food diaries at least six days a week doubled weight loss in comparison to individuals who did not keep a food journal. Losing weight is not easy and takes a great deal of commitment. Food diaries can be a tool to help remind you each day that you are working towards a goal and to be able to how far you have come while giving you a since of accomplishment and inspire you to continue.

Tips for keeping a Food Journal

• Write as you go. Don’t wait until the end of the day and try to remember what you ate or drank, this will cause for missed items an inaccuracy
• Focus on Portions. Educate yourself with the true meaning a “single serving”. And be mindful that too much of anything is never good.
• Be honest. If you really want to have a true understanding how what you intake effects you weight, mood and energy you have to commit to writing the truth down and remember you are a work in progress!
• Record mistakes. Even when you indulge write it down, if you are an emotional eater also record your mood when you over indulge. This will help you understand those special times you may need to make changes.

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