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January, 2015

It has been two years into my training and exercise with Alisa helping me to whittle away my bumps.

I am no longer young when it was possible for me to eat anything and never gain an ounce. In fact, I was very skinny for all the years before menopause. I ate quite a bit in order to gain weight. That all changed when I hit my fifties.  All of a sudden, everything I ate put on pounds – and just where I didn’t want them – my mid-section. I tried to cut back on calories, but I still couldn’t lose a pound. I was overweight for the first time in my life and I felt bloated and unhappy with myself. Plus I didn’t have the self-discipline to exercise on my own.

My husband saw that a new studio was opening in North Wilmington – Art Fitness! I gathered myself together and signed up for training. I didn’t lose weight right away, but I tried to curb my impulses for sugary foods and stick with the training. I owe any success that I’ve had to Alisa Rose and Art Fitness. She encouraged me each session to give it my all. I have lost inches everywhere and feel so much better about myself:  for sticking with the program and for being more aware of the food I’m eating. It is a beautiful place to work out, and I am challenged every session to keep up the good work. For the first time in my life, I have muscle tone and strength, as well. THANK YOU ALISA for all the early morning sessions!




November, 2014

Over the past 4 years, I put working out on the back burner due to busy schedules with family, work, kids, etc. I tried getting back into the gym last January (along with attempting several diets) and just couldn’t get any results on my own. I knew my fitness level was pretty low and needed assistance to help regain a workout regimen. After researching several places, I knew Art Fitness was the place for me to help me lose weight and tone up.

 From my warm up, to the cool down, my entire session provides an awesome full body workout! I never feel judged for being out of shape and not being able to do certain moves due to lack of strength. Each session I am gaining more and more confidence and able to do more. They teach me the proper way to strength train and spend time educating me on what muscles I am working. They are always willing to share their expertise and help me accomplish my goals. I love how they teach me new things, hold me accountable for results and push my limitsThey are very passionate about their job and provide motivation and support to help me achieve my goals.

The program makes me feel great! It provides the support I need to learn how to exercise, eat more effectively and how to push my body to its potential. I understand that I still have to do the work but I have support in my corner rooting me on the entire session. I’ve learned how to have fun with the workouts and made me think differently about working out and eating. I’m learning how to eat better and remove unnecessary foods from my diet. I am happy that I invested in my health and a better me. I’m also enjoying having more room in my clothes.


October, 2014

I want to thank Alisa for the honor of being chosen as client of the month. I must say that I was surprised as those who know me well would be. I have never been fond of exercise, sports or physical challenges. I exercise because I know I should.

I initially visited Art Fitness to inquire about a custom fitness program which would rehabilitate me after an injury. Alisa developed a program which was appropriate for the purpose. She is a very good motivator. She also provided therapeutic message which has been very helpful. Much to my surprise I have come to enjoy our sessions at the studio.

I recommend Art Fitness whenever someone expresses an interest in a fitness program. It is everything a studio should be.



July, 2014

What’s not to love about ART Fitness? My trainer makes me feel like the client of the month every day!

I have been training at ART Fitness since early 2013, and it has greatly impacted my life. After hurting my lower back taking my son out of the bathtub, I thought I would be in pain forever. I tried a few years of Chiropractor visits and still couldn’t sleep through the night. I was desperate to find a way to eliminate my pain and strengthen my back. That’s when I stumbled upon ART Fitness.

Between my back injury, lack of coordination, and inflexibility, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Wow was I surprised! My trainer, Alisa, has tricked me into reshaping my body, losing 18% of my body weight, eating better, and loving exercise!

And the best part……NO MORE BACK PAIN!!!




I was honored to hear that Art Fitness had selected me as “Client of the Month.”  I have been coming to Art Fitness for almost 2 years. I was an avid runner prior to joining Art Fitness and never really focused on strength training or other types of  exercise besides running, so I was looking for a  way to improve my overall fitness level. I am a full-time working mom with two very active children, so finding the time to fit in additional work outs was a challenge for me. When I came to Art Fitness they were more than willing to work around my schedule, so I could ensure I made my workouts a priority and could stick to a routine. Cory was the lucky trainer who was selected to work with me 2x a week at 6:00 AM!! That’s right 6:00 AM 2 days a week was the only time I could ensure I could fit in my workouts. Corey always greats me with a smile and is ready to challenge me first thing in the morning with great workouts. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Art Fitness, and everyone I have met here is very supportive and friendly. I enjoy coming to a small fitness facility where I know they give me 100% of their attention and are focused on helping me achieve my fitness goals. I have benefited in many ways both mentally and physically by being part of Art Fitness. It has helped me realize how important it is as I age to ensure I continue to focus on health and fitness!! Thank you to Art Fitness for helping me achieve goals I never thought I could accomplish and I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with the team!!




Since joining Art Fitness, my balance, strength, and endurance have all improved significantly. I feel more energetic and my every day activities (such as bending, stooping or lifting multiple bags of heavy groceries which used to be a pain for me), are now done with less effort. More importantly, the trainers are all very motivating and encouraging and simply won’t allow me to give up. I’m not where I want to be as far as weight loss is concerned, but knowing that I have my own personal cheerleaders to support me on my journey has been extremely invaluable.

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Karen & Sue

April, 2014

We love Art Fitness! Ever since we started working out here, we have been seeing great results and reaching goals that we never thought possible. The exercises have a great variety but are always easy to understand, and the atmosphere of encouragement and support makes you want to try – and accomplish everything the trainers want for you.

Our trainer Alisa has never had a problem accounting for the differences in our ages or ability levels, and there’s no issues in our doing our classes together; we both get full attention and personalized lessons that make sure we’re working to our maximum ability. The atmosphere at Art Fitness is supportive and makes you believe that you can do anything that’s put before you.
We would absolutely encourage you to come see Alisa, Corey and all the trainers here at Art Fitness today. The atmosphere is great and welcoming, and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve find yourself accomplishing and doing almost from day one.


 Sarah & James

March, 2014

James and I have been going to Art Fitness for about 2 years (?). We started going because we both felt out of shape and sluggish. James was having back problems that intermittently prevented him from doing his job. Since we have started at Art Fitness we feel stronger, healthier, and more alert. We are more conscious of what foods we eat, and although we stumble sometimes, we know getting back on track is important! James has had less flare ups with his back. We enjoy working with Megan Anderson because she keeps the workouts fun, challenging, and upbeat! You never know what Megan has in store until you walk in the door. Art Fitness has helped us become healthier individuals.

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Kristen H

February, 2014

I’ve been coming to Art Fitness for a year and two months now and it’s definitely been one of the better choices I’ve made in regards to my health and fitness. I’ve always been athletic and played many sports but over the years I’ve gained weight and was not happy with the way my clothes fit me. I used to be the typical person who belonged to a gym to try to get in shape but all I did was force myself to do cardio, which I hated and never got better at! After years of on and off working out at other gyms I finally decided to try Art Fitness. My trouble area has always been my stomach but working out at Art Fitness has helped me tone and tighten my core to the point where it is no longer a problem area. I’ve seen great results all around, feel much stronger, and have found a healthier lifestyle that I feel I can maintain.

Since joining, I’ve convinced both my mom and my boyfriend to workout at Art Fitness as well. It’s a fun environment, with something for everyone. Corey and Alisa are both available for any help or coaching that you need. Over this past year at Art Fitness I’ve been able to see changes in my body and love that the workouts are still challenging me and inspiring me to keep going and keep doing more.

I’d recommend Art Fitness to anyone, young or old, who wants to get in better shape. Art Fitness has been worth every penny to see the changes I’ve been striving to achieve for years and I know it would help many others to see the same. I’m excited to see what else I can achieve in my next 6 months with Art Fitness.


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Rama D.


I realize it was a year ago that I was shopping and after about a half hour I started experiencing excruciating pain in my lower back and leg. This pain would flare every time I would walk or stand for more than about 20 minutes. After tolerating this for several months, I finally went to my doctor. It was determined that I was probably having sciatic pain and my choices were to try exercising and stretching on my own, physical therapy or seeing a specialist with the possibility of surgery. I decided I would try exercising on my own. The only problem with that is I have a history of working out for a little and then quitting because my motivation wanes. I also feel intimidated about trying different exercises for fear of not knowing what I’m doing. I really wanted to get healthy, to be fit and to be pain free. My solution – find a personal trainer.

I belonged to a larger club but I lacked confidence in the trainers there based on previous experiences. I searched for trainers online and found ART Fitness. I went in for a consultation with Corey and signed up. Today, I am stronger, have more endurance and I am pain free, other than what I experience after a killer workout with Corey, lol. An added and unexpected bonus is that I have two amazing supporters in Corey and Alisa. There have been those days when I felt like I was failing, but they are right there to lift my spirits and encourage me. They listen and are always finding new ideas and ways to help keep me motivated and feeling good. And the workouts are always different so they’re never boring. The clean and bright facility reflects their friendly, open and caring personalities. This may sound “cutesy” but they truly put the “personal” in personal training. I am very thankful for ART Fitness (and for Google for helping me find them).

Pat M

 Pat M.

December 2013

When I retired, I made a commitment to establish a regular exercise routine. I joined a fitness center, met with a personal trainer for 3 sessions and exercised most weekdays. Initially, I saw some positive changes, but it was not long before I plateaued. I kept up with my routine because it was the “healthy thing to do.” It was always the same and it was boring. The results I saw were marginal. I wanted more.

In May 2012, I decided to check out Art Fitness. After an initial consultation with Alisa, I signed a 3-month contract to try the program out. It didn’t take long for me to see that Art Fitness, did indeed, offer something different.

What sets Art Fitness apart? I have a program designed to meet my needs. I have been working with Corey for over a year. I don’t have a routine; every session is different. I never have to wonder if I am doing something correctly because of the constructive guidance Corey provides. I am challenged, and often surprised, to see that I can do more.

I’ve made consistent progress. My endurance and physical strength continue to improve and many chronic health problems are effectively managed with regular exercise and weight loss. I’ve been able to reduce the dosages of some of my medications with the ultimate goal to completely discontinue them.

Corey has also been helping me to focus on improving my diet. While I know the importance of healthy eating as well as the components of a healthy diet, it has been a struggle for me to break bad habits. I maintain a food log. Corey provides feedback and offers constructive recommendations, along with challenges to help me adopt healthier behaviors.

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November 2013

Over the years, I always struggled with working out, eating healthy and staying on a routine. A year or two ago, I decided to start using the gym at work and began to run 3 to 4 days a week. This really helped with my energy and translated into losing some weight and feeling much healthier. Within the last 6 months, I began to get bored with only running, but didn’t have a plan on how to mix up my workouts that would get over the plateau.

My girlfriend had joined Art Fitness previously and went daily, loving the challenge and the changing workouts, and I decided to join with her. It’s been a few great months, as I’m being challenged daily with the different routines, but keep coming back every day. Corey and Alisa are always available for helping plan your goals and motivate you along the way. I’m already feeling stronger, have higher endurance during the cardio and can see myself doing more in each workout. I’m definitely looking forward to the next 6 months I just signed up for, and seeing how far I can push myself to achieving my goals.

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October 2013

With a lot going on in my personal life, I recognized I needed to do something to better my health. I heard about ART Fitness and scheduled time for an initial consultation. I found the environment very welcoming and I signed up for a year’s worth of personal training. The thing I like most about ART Fitness and my exercise regime is that it always changes. In the past, when I’ve worked out on my own, I become bored easily because I don’t have the knowledge of different exercises and how it affects the body. Fortunately, my trainer Corey, has that knowledge and he adds variety to my training sessions. Although I may fuss about how difficult the exercises are, Corey pushes me to at least try and when I do struggle with an exercise, he’s able to quickly modify it.

I would definitely recommend ART Fitness to others. The size of the facility allows for more personalized attention and is less crowded than other gyms in the area.



August 2013

I stopped working about five years ago. At the time, my husband and I were about to start construction of a vacation house, and leaving my job allowed me to focus on working with the architect and the builder and to then tackle the decorating. Unfortunately, once that project was completed, I realized I no longer had a regular routine — and I found myself eating too much and exercising too little. Before I knew it, none of my clothes fit, I was miserable, and I began to find excuses to avoid spending time with friends.

My own, personal attempts to develop an exercise program were not successful, and I finally concluded that, if I were going to get back into shape while still in my 50s, I would need to find a partner. That’s when I discovered Corey and Art Fitness.

Shortly before I started working with Art Fitness, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although initially I reeled from the diagnosis, I was very fortunate: the cancer was not aggressive and was detected early. Corey and Art Fitness worked with me to design an exercise routine that would not interfere with my cancer treatment, but would provide additional stamina to assist with the treatment and recovery. As a result, I was in better shape following treatment than I was when I started.

I feel very fortunate to have discovered Art Fitness when I did, and couldn’t be more pleased to have Corey as my exercise partner.




June 2013 

I’m not athletic and have never stuck with any one fitness program for the long haul. I had been ‘sampling’ different exercise programs in the area using Living Social and Groupon, from kick boxing to yoga to the Group X fitness at Art Fitness. The program at Art Fitness is the right one for me. Alisa, Corey and Jackie are great trainers and gear the exercises to my level of ability while still providing me with a challenging workout that I feel good about.

I get my workout done first thing in the morning so I don’t have the time to talk myself out of it during the day. I’ve been committed to the 2 day/week program for over a year now. While I haven’t hit on the right plan for weight loss, I have definitely improved flexibility, endurance and have had a positive effect on bringing down the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing the good cholesterol (HDL).


May 2013

I came to Art Fitness two months ago with a goal to finally take the determined initiative to get myself into shape. After having four children and taking care of them first, it was time to really put the effort into taking care of myself.

I had done the usual jaunt at the YMCA, but feeling like I was getting nowhere. I finally decided that getting a personal trainer would be necessary. It was the website that grabbed my attention first. It was simple, to the point and had real people on the website with their stories of success.

Training with Corey began and for the first time ever I felt that I had actually worked out. It felt good and it amazed me how just these simple exercises were so effective. It made me wonder what I have been doing all these years of just going to the YMCA. Now I know how it feels to really work out. In the first month I had already lost inches so it was really an encouragement to carry on. I also noticed little things like going upstairs was less effort, my energy level increased and I sleep better. Thanks Corey for your encouragement.


April 2013 

I have suffered for many years from back and neck pain. I have been to chiropractors; massage therapists, acupuncturists and physical therapists without any long-term improvements. Things had gotten so bad that I could not get out of bed or into a car without being in agony. I thought that pain was going to be with me for the rest of my life.

It was not until I started going to Art Fitness did I start to get some relief. My range of motion had improved by 100%; I am stronger and overall in better shape. I feel like I have gotten my life back. An added bonus is weight loss and toning. The training has also helping my running and biking performance.

Alisa and Cory are so motivating in a non-intimidating way. They have helped me stay motivated to reach my goals. I love the gym and it’s friendly atmosphere. It is never crowded and it is a very supporting environment. I am in better shape than I ever have been. It has improved every aspect of my life. I only wished that I had found Art Fitness years ago!

I have now set aggressive goals for myself that before I never thought were obtainable.

Thank you Alisa and Cory.



March 2013

 I have struggled the past 10 years with dropping and keeping the weight off since I underwent cancer treatment that resulted in me gaining 40+ pounds. During the process of trying to lose weight, I did not consistently work out so even though I would drop some pounds, I was not dropping inches.

After a visit with my primary doctor and with his encouragement to exercise, I decided it was time to get serious about getting my weight under control. As I was shopping on the Internet for a fitness center, I came across the Art Fitness website and liked what I read about the  Group X program. I am happy to report that what is stated on their website is absolutely true.

Our primary trainer for Group X, Corey, is very enthusiastic and supportive, adapting exercises to our ability but still guiding us through a very intense workout. The overall atmosphere by staff and fellow group members is very supportive and not once have I felt ‘out of place.’  I am excited to report that in 2 months I have dropped a pant size and improved my posture.