Delicious & Healthy Gravy Recipe


Cider Gravy From: EatingWell Magazine November/December 2007 – By: Kathy Farrell-Kingsley EatingWell Recipe Contributor   This time of year we’re always looking for ways to indulge without breaking the calorie bank. We found this low-fat gravy that use apple cider and cider vinegar to add that unique holiday flavor. You can make this gravy in the roasting pan while the […]

Eating Before Exercise


We all wish there was just one more hour in the day to get those last minute “to do” items completed or just not feel overwhelmed. When starting on the journey of a healthy lifestyle it is important that we pay close attention to our nutrition and when we are fueling our bodies during the […]

Suggestions for Deciding How Many Meals to Eat Each Day


Is there a true or proven way to know how many times a day you should eat? More than likely every doctor or nurse you talk to would say something different. They may have the same number of times in a day, but the reasoning behind it may be different. Ultimately you’re the one that […]