Podcast – Debut of ART Fitness’ Weekly Feature: Fitness Minute with Alisa Rose

Debut of ART Fitness’ weekly feature: Fitness Minute with Alisa Rose (July 27, 2015)

Most weight loss attempts fail because of lack of motivation and consistency. These are mind issues, not body ones. Change your mind and you can change your body – and your whole life. Your Mindset for weight loss and living a healthier is the one thing that will determine if you will be successful.

  • What are your Motivators?
  • How important are these to you?
  • What does your support system look like?
  • What are your goals – Are they realistic?
  • Where are you in your life right now – is now a good time?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice?
  • How did you get here?

One of the biggest struggles people have with losing weight is simply “How do I get started?”

Let’s face it there is so much diet and weight loss information available it can quickly become overwhelming. What to eat? What not to eat? When to eat? When to exercise? The options are endless – Now combine that with today’s busy lifestyle and BOOM the recipe for failure. This simple list will help you kick start your journey in less than 24 hours and set the foundation for achieving your goals!

  • Get on the Scale, take Before Pictures and take measurements
  • Write S.M.A.R.T goals (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant (result focused), Time)
  • Start a food Journal- written or app MyFitness Pal
  • Plan your meals + write out a grocery list
  • Look at your calendar and plan your exercise, grocery shopping and meal prep
  • Clean out and organize your fridge, freezer and pantry
  • Keep your support system on board – partner, children, go workers + friends
  • Have fun and enjoy the journey!