About Us

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Our Motto

Dedicated to providing affordable and personalized service, created to meet each clients unique goals and needs. We are committed to maintaining a leading edge in the fitness personal training industry through innovative techniques and remaining up to date on current research in the health and fitness industry. Our personal trainers are dedicated to bringing the motivation, encouragement and education needed to ensure the client’s greatest potential is developed and achieved.

Our Policy

We can help with the motivation, we can put together workout programs and give nutritional guidance BUT what we cannot do is give you commitment, you must be committed to the end result and doing what is asked of you when you are not with your trainer. We must work as a team to have success.

Our Location

Find a certified Delaware personal trainer in Wilmington. 2807 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803

Art Fitness was establish to be a personalized fitness studio that sets an atmosphere where NO ONE is judged. Exercise can be accomplished at any level without excuses or feeling inferior to others.

Health & fitness is not just about loosing weight but about Feeling good, More Energy, Living Longer, Pain Free Days and OVERALL better health!

We focus on starting with a corrected canvas.Looking at the imbalances created from improper training, compensation and poor overall habits we structure a program that assist with theses issues as well as helps with weight loss,balance and flexibility.