One of the things people worry about the most when it comes to exercising is the fear of bulking up more than what they want. The lack of knowledge when it comes to exercising is what causes these people to not do it, but if they’d have the knowledge needed they’d understand and would be able to work out.

No matter if you’re a man or a woman it’s going to take a lot more than exercising three to five days a week to build the muscles of a body builder. It’s going to take a lot more than 30 minutes to one hour a day three to five days a week to build muscles like these people have.

It doesn’t matter if you lift weights, walk on a treadmill, or take workout classes; you’re not going to build huge muscles in your arms and legs. You’ll lose weight, tone your body, and build muscle, but the muscles you build won’t compare to those a bodybuilder. It’s important to know lifting weights for an hour a day is not what it’s going to take to build the muscle of a bodybuilder. It takes hours and hours every day to make it happen.

The exercise you’ll get from traditional exercise programs or working out on exercise equipment will, in no way, get you to a point where you have the muscles of a body builder, so you have nothing to fear or worry about. If you’re at all considered about the exercise program you’re doing, consider talking to a fitness trainer or an instructor at the gym you go to. They’ll be able to help you to understand and workout free of fear.

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