Weight Loss Measurement ImageLosing weight is not an easy thing to do, but if you’re over weight you know it’s something that must be done. When you work hard at it and the numbers on the scale go down it can be an uplifting feeling. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your hard work and dedication is paying off, but what happens when the numbers on the scale don’t move?
That can be a devastating thing to think your work isn’t paying off, but it’s important to know you probably aren’t doing anything wrong and the reason I say that is you’re probably losing inches.
If you’re working out in any way it’s possible the reason you’re not losing weight is because you’re gaining muscle. Muscle weights more than fat so it’s likely that’s the cause for the numbers on the scale not moving. If you find this is happening to you, you need to start measuring yourself .You need to measure your right arm, your bust, stomach area ( at belly button), your hips, and your right thigh. Keep a log of your measurements and do this monthly when you weigh in. As you lose weight you’ll find the inches are coming off too and when the numbers on the scale don’t move, your measurements will change and that’ll be rewarding enough to keep you going.
If you find the numbers on the scale are not going down, take your measurements and document these for a few months. You’ll begin to see those numbers drop and then you’ll know the things you’re doing to lose weight are working. You’ll see what you’re doing is paying off and that’s all you need to know the weight will continue to come off if you keep going with the eating habits and exercise you’re working on each day.

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