Start Where U Are









“New Year, New You….”

“This Year Will be my Year!”

” First thing tomorrow it is on!”

Yeah, Yeah,Yeah….we have all said this and many others to ourselves at the start of a New Year, but why do we do it ourselves? Why do we make the FIRST day of the year so demanding????

Every day we wake up is a New Day to do something we didn’t do yesterday, and I am sorry to be the one to tell you but losing weight and getting in shape is a lifestyle and takes consistency, determination and LOTS of sacrifices to be successful at it. (Just telling the truth…)

Make getting in shape a journey, an adventure something that doesn’t seem like “one more” thing you have to do. Discovering how you can control the way your body looks, how your skin glows and even how your heart pumps blood through your body is AMAZING, not focusing on what you cannot eat or the work out…JUST ENJOY LIFE and make small changes along the way.

I see and hear so many people beating themselves up over what they perceive as failures when all it boils down to is they set the wrong goals and looked at the journey all wrong. Change how you see your  journey and start enjoying LIFE!


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