Pushup ImageTraditional push-ups are a thing of the past when you do the exercise of the week. No matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been working out for a while traditional can become boring and could push you into the wrong mindset.

This weeks exercise will change things up and will put you back into the right mindset. You can do these in the gym, in your living room, or in your office. You won’t need any equipment which makes it really easy.

Step One: Lie on your stomach on the floor.

Step Two: Prop yourself up on your forearms and place your hands in a prayer position.

Step Three: Life one leg up 8 inches off the ground and hold for 15 seconds.

Step Four: Bring your raised leg out to the side and hold for 15 seconds.

Step Five: Repeat on the other leg.

Repeat steps three and four 9 more times for a total of 10 reps on each leg. It’s that easy. Not only are you working your legs but you’re also building strength in your abdominal area because your inner abdominal muscles are engaged during this exercise.

This is a good exercise routine you can do several times a day if you choose. It’s easy to do, but will help you build muscle and strengthen your abdominal area and legs.

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