Teenagers often times find exercise embarrassing. Most times the reason behind this feeling is the way you look when you do it. They feel others are watching them and if they looking funny doing something others will laugh at them. With these thoughts going through their head they’d rather not do them.

The downside to these thoughts is the way they look if they don’t exercise. Over time the lack of exercise will cause teens to be overweight and that’s not good. It’s not good because they aren’t in good health for one and for fear other teens will make fun of them because of the weight they’ve gained.

To prevent your teen from being overweight and the laughing stalk of the school it’s best to encourage them to exercise. Encouraging your teen to exercise in the comfort of your home is a good way to get them to do it easily. Here are a few exercise suggestions you can give to them get started.

1. Using the Wii Sport is a good way to encourage your teens to exercise and they’ll have fun doing it. You’ll find laughter coming from the room and you know at the same time they’ll be getting a good workout in at the same time.

2. Purchasing an exercise DVD is another way to encourage your teen to exercise. You’ll want to consider purchasing one from a person they trust. This will make it easier for them to want to exercise.

3. A treadmill or elliptical machine will help them to get the exercise they need and it’s easy for them to do while listening to an iPod or watching television. When they have the ability to keep themselves occupied while they exercise they’ll be ok doing it regularly.

4. A trampoline is another form of exercise that is a lot of fun. You wouldn’t think it’s exercise, but it takes leg and stomach muscles to jump up and down which makes it a good way to exercise.

Convincing your teen to exercise can be a challenge in and of itself, but it’s important to do so they stay healthy and avoid being teased in public. When you consider these four exercise suggestions you’ll find your teen may be willing to do the exercises.


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