No matter if you work all day and you don’t feel like exercising or if you’re busy with the family after working all day, there is a way to fit exercise into your day. In order for any of these to work, you must set your mind to it and decide you will find a way to make it happen.

1. Get up 15-30 minutes early and exercise before you start your day.
2. Exercise before you go to bed.
3. Use the gym close to your office and do your workout on your lunch hour.
4. Hit the gym before you go home.
5. Take your 15 minute break during the day to walk around the block or down the street to the mailbox.
6. Use your family time to walk around the block a few times while discussing the day.
7. Walk your kids to and from school instead of driving them.
8. Find a group of people to walk with each day.
9. Exercise right after dinner with your spouse.
10. Find an exercise routine you can do while watching television with your family

Exercising is important for many reasons including losing weight, staying fit, and keeping in good health. Even though you may be busy with your job and your family, there is still a way to exercise each day. It doesn’t take but 15 to 30 minutes a day to make a difference and when you use one or more of these suggestions, you’ll find a way to fit exercise into your busy day.

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